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    1、He as well as I ______ you on that point.

    A. agree with    B. agree to

    C. agrees with    D. am to agree

    2、Such ______ the ease, there were no grounds to justify your complaints.

    A. was    B. were    C. would be    D. being

    3、He often attends public lectures at the university of California chiefly ______ his English.

    A. to improve    B. as to improve    C. except    D. except for

    4、“Do you have any clothes ______ today?” The maid asked.

    A. wash    B. washing    C. washed    D. to be washed

    5、Sometimes very young children have trouble ______ fact from fiction and may believe that such things actually exist.

    A. separating    B. having separated

    C. to separate    D. for separating

    6、I don´t swim now, but I ______ when I was a kid.

    A.used to it    B.used to    C.used to doing it    D.used to do

    7、Ever since he arrived, he ______ constantly about the weather.

    A.complained    B.has been complaining

    C.is complaining    D.had been complaining

    8、Last week he promised that he ______ today, but he hasn´t arrived yet.

    A.will come    B.would come

    C.would have come    D.is coming

    9、This kind of trousers ______ very well.

    A.wash    B.washes    C.is washed    D.are washed

    10、He had his leg ______ when he slipped on a piece of ice.

    A.breaking    B.broken    C.to break    D.break


    1、C  2、D  3、A  4、D  5、A

    6、B  7、B  8、B  9、B  10、B



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