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    11. A dark suit is _____ to a light one for evening wear.(易)

    A. favorable B. suitable C. preferable D. proper

    12. It was in the United States that I made the _____ of Professor Jones.(易)

    A. acknowledgement B. acquaintance C. recognition D. association

    13. Could you take a _____ sheet of paper and write your name at the top?(易)

    A. bare B. vacant C. hollow D. blank

    14. A culture in which the citizens share similar religious beliefs and values is more likely to have laws that represent the wishes of its people than is a culture where citizens come from _____ backgrounds.(難)

    A. extensive B. influential C. diverse D. identical

    15. He gave a _____ to handle the affairs in a friendly manner.(中)

    A. pledge B. mission C. plunge D. motion

    16. Mr. Smith was the only witness who said that the fire was _____.(中)

    A. mature B. deliberate C. meaningful D. innocent

    17. He asked us to _____ them in carrying through their plan.

    A. provide B. arouse C. assist D. persist

    18. He was such a _____ speaker that he held our attention every minute of the three-hour lecture.(難)

    A. specific B. dynamic C. heroic D. diplomatic

    19. Arriving home, the boy told his parents about all the _____ which occurred in his dormitory.(難)

    A. occasions B. matters C. incidents D. issues

    20. The opening between the rocks was very narrow, but the boys managed to _____ through.(難)

    A. press B. squeeze C. stretch D. leap

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