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    1.It is said that John’s two daughters or his wife _____ to the city where he had an accident.(易)

    A. going

    B. are going

    C. were going

    D. was going

    2.Every man and every woman working here _____ with me.(易)

    A. is getting along well

    B. are getting along well

    C. is got along well

    D. are got along well

    3The statesman and writer you talked with last month _____ at today’s conference.(中)

    A. was present

    B. was presenting

    C. were present

    D were presenting

    4.It’s reported that by the end of this month the output of cement in the factory _____ by about 10%.(中)

    A. will have risen

    B. has risen

    C. will be rising

    D. has been rising

    5.This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen _____ comfortably.(易)

    A. is worn

    B. wears

    C. wearing

    D. are worn

    6.They fulfilled the plan much earlier than they _____.(難)

    A. have expected

    B. are expected

    C. were expected

    D. had expected

    7.I don’t think it advisable that Tim _____ to the job since he has no experience.(難)

    A. is assigned

    B. will be assigned

    C. be assigned

    D. has been assigned

    8.All the tasks _____ ahead of time, they decided to go on holiday for a week.(難)

    A. been fulfilled

    B. were fulfilled

    C. having been fulfilled

    D. had been fulfilled

    9.Not until the game had begun _____ at the sports ground.(中)

    A. had he arrived

    B. would he have arrived

    C. did he arrive

    D. should he have arrived

    10.It was the training that he had as a young man _____ made him such a good engineer.(難)

    A. has

    B. later

    C. which

    D. that

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