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    Part Two Vocabulary

    1. In recent years much more emphasis has been put______ developing the students productive skills.(易)

    A. onto B. in C. over D. on

    2. His test results are not very _____. He does well one week and badly the next.(中)

    A. invariable B. consequent C. continuous D. consistent

    3. The new safety regulations were agreed on after _____ with the work-force.(難)

    A. join B. participation C. intervention D. consultation

    4. The room was so quiet that she could hear the _____ of her heart.(易)

    A. hitting B. beating C. tapping D. knocking

    5. During World War II Malta managed to _____ most of Italian and German bombers by throwing up an effective anti-aircraft screen.(難)

    A. put out B. shut out C. come across D. get across

    6. I think we should let Maria go camping with her boyfriend. _____, she´s a big girl now.(難)

    A. Above all B. After all C. First of all D. For all

    7. It has been decided that this company has the _____ right to print Mr. Smith´s novels.(中)

    A. eventual B. versatile C. extensive D. exclusive

    8. What a terrible experience! _____ , you are safe, that´s the main thing.(難)

    A. Somehow B. Anyhow C. Somewhat D. Anywhere

    9. Although he hasn´t any formal qualifications, Betas _____ to do well for himself.(中)

    A. managed B. succeeded C. arranged D. convinced

    10. She felt _____ of having asked such a silly question when the audience couldn´t help laughing.(難)

    A. guilty B. crazy C. miserable D. ashamed

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