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    Part One Grammar

    1. Look at the terrible situation I am in! If only I your advice (中)

    A. follow B. would follow C. had followed D. have followed

    2. "_____ your meeting is!" he offered them his sincere congratulations.(易)

    A. How a great success B. What a great success

    C. How great success D. What great success

    3. Under no circumstance _____ to tell lies to parents.(易)

    A. children are allowed B. are children allowed

    C. children will allow D. will children allow

    4. No matter how frequently _____ the works of Beethoven always attract a large number of


    A. performing B. performed

    C. to be performed D. being performed

    5. _____ their real economic situations, they got some relief fund from the government.(中)

    A. Considering B. Considered

    C. Having been considered D. Being considered

    6. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds _____his arguments in favor of the new theory.(中)

    A. to be based on B. to base on

    C. which to base on D. on which to base

    7. We hadn´t met for 20 years, but I recognized her_____ I saw her.(中)

    A. the moment B. for the moment

    C. the moment when D. at the moment when

    8. On hearing a great noise, Mike looked forward through the window _____ what happened outside the room.(難)

    A. to seeing B. to see C. seeing D. to have seen

    9. We all think that _____ no need to make laws to prevent the young from getting married during their college life.(中)

    A. it is B. there has C. it has D. there is

    10. _______ which way to take, the little boy behaved like a real gentleman who comforted his sister from time to time.(難)

    A. Leaving to wonder B. Having left to wonder

    C. Left wondering D. Left to wonder

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