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    Paper One (100minutes)

    Part I Oral Communication (15 minutes,10 points)

    Section A

    Directions:In this section there are two incomplete dialogues and each dialogue has three blanks and three choices A,B and C,taken from the dialogue. Fill in each of the blanks with one of the choices to complete the dialogue and mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

    Dialogue One

    A. Do you know what a handicapped space is?

    B. The signs always tell you how long you can park there and on what days.

    C. Then you also need to be aware of the time limits on the street signs.

    Student: Can you tell me where I can park?

    Clerk: Are you driving a motorcycle or an automobile?

    Student: I drive an automobile.

    Clerk: Fine. You can either park in the student lot or on the street. 1

    Student: Yes, I have seen those spots.

    Clerk: Well, when you see the blue spots with the handicapped sign, do not park there unless you have a special permit. Are you going to be parking in the daytime or evening?

    Student: I park in the evenings.

    Clerk: 2 Have you seen those signs?

    Student: Yes, I have seen those signs.

    Clerk: 3 .

    Dialogue Two

    A. The hours and limitations are printed on the card and this handout.

    B. May I have your driver´s license, please?

    C. Are you familiar with our rules and fines?

    Student: Excuse me. I am interested in getting a library card.

    Librarian: Sure, let me give you an application. You can fill it out right here at the counter.

    Student: Thank you. I´ll do it right now.

    Librarian: Let me take a look at this for you. 4

    Student: Here it is.

    Librarian: You seem to have filled the form out all right.__5__

    Student: Yes. I know what to do.

    Librarian: ____6____

    Student: OK. I see.

    Librarian: Thank you for joining the library; We look forward to serving you.

    Section B

    Directions: In this section there is one incomplete which has four blanks and four choices A, B, C and D, taken from the interview. Fill in each of the blanks with one of the choices to complete the interview and mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

    A. And fooled the boys for a while.

    B. And I don´t think the boys have minded.

    C. Well, it´s because my British publisher.

    D. All this time I thought you were ´J.K‘。

    Winfrey: So, this is the first time we´ve met.

    Rowling: Yes,it is .

    Winfrey: And my producers tell me that your real name is J.O.____7____

    Rowling: (laughing) Yeah.

    Winfrey: J.K is …

    Rowling: ____8_____. When the first book came out, they thought ´this is a book that will appeal to boys ’, but they didn´t want the boys to know a woman had written it. So they said to me ´could we use your initials ´and I said ´fine‘。 I only have one initial. I don´t have a middle name. So I took my favorite grandmother´s name, Kathleen.

    Winfrey: ____9_____

    Rowling: Yeah, but not for too long, because I started getting my picture in the press and no one could pretend I was a man anymore.

    Winfrey: ___10____

    Rowling: NO —it hasn´t held me back, has it?











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