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    Without question there are plenty of bargains to be had at sales time-particularly at the top-quality shops whose reputation depends on having only the best and newest goods in stock each season. They tend, for obvious reasons, to be the fashion or seasonal goods which in due course become the biggest bargains.

    It is true that some goods are specially brought in for the sales but these too; can provide exceptional value. A manufacturer may have the end of a range left on his hands and be glad to sell the lot off cheaply to shops; or he may have a surplus of a certain material which he is glad to make up and get rid of cheaply; or he may be prepared to produce a special line at low cost merely to keep his employees busy during a slack period. He is likely to have a good many “seconds”available and if their defects are trifling these may be particularly good bargains.

    Nevertheless, sales do offer a special opportunity for sharp practices and shoppers need to be extra critical. For example the “second” should be clearly marked as such and not sold as if they were perfect. ( The term “ substandard ” , incidentally, usually indicates a more serious defect than “seconds”. )More serious is the habit of marking the price down from an alleged previous price which is in fact fictitious. Misdescription of this and all other kinds is much practiced by the men who run one-day sales of carpets in church halls and the like. As the sellers leave the district the day after the sale there is little possibility of redress.In advertisingsales, shops may say “only 100 left” when in fact they have plenty more; conversely they may say “10,000 at half-price” when only a few are available at such a drastic reduction. If ever the warning “let the buyer beware” were necessary it is during sales.

    1. Which kind of goods can be among the best bargains?

    A. Cheapest goods. B. Newest 900ds. C. Seasonal goods. D. Goods in stock.

    2. The second paragraph deals with all of the following types of goods EXCEPT

    A. surplus goods B. low-cost goods

    C. the end lot goods D. exceptionally valued goods

    3. In order to maintain his business during a bad time, a manufacturer may -

    A. have his goods produced at low cost B. sell his goods at a very low price

    C. have his employees sell his goods D. try to produce high quality goods

    4. The passage suggests that “seconds”_______

    A. are of better quality than “substandard goods”

    B. attract buyers as particularly good bargains

    C. are defective but marked as perfect

    D. are goods with serious defects

    5. During sales shoppers should

    A. find the best bargains at every opportunity B. beware of being cheated

    C. buy things that are necessary D. pay more attention to the price


    1.C 作者在第一段第二句說:很明顯降價的商品都是趕時髦或季節性的商品,時間一過就會成為打折最多的商品。

    2.D 第二段作者說:確實有的商品就是用作降價的,但是它們也能給商家帶來額外的價值。廠家手頭可能有一批貨底子,很想送到商店里去降價處理掉;或者廠家有一批剩余的材料,他們想把這些材料制成商品減價處理掉;或許廠家只是為了讓工人在淡季有活干而生產一批低成本的產品,廠家也可能是有一大批二等品,產品有瑕疵,但并不嚴重,可以成為很好的降價商品。作者在這里沒有提到特別有價值的商品。

    3.A 第二段說廠家在淡季為了讓工人有活干而生產一批低成本產品。

    4.A 第三段第二句括號內作者指出:順便說一下( incidentally),次品這個詞通常指比二等品瑕疵更嚴重的產品。

    5.B 文章最后一句作者說:有必要在大減價時提醒消費者:請消費者注意,不要上當。










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