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    2014-10-29 14:22       來源:    http://www.zzyjs.com


    As is clearly shown in the story, Xiao Liu chose a different way from his classmates after graduate and got a different story. Xiao Liu succeeded finally while most of others lived in an ordinary life and loose the encouragement to face huge challenge. Nowadays the way to success has aroused immediate concern and widespread discussion among the general public. From Xiao Liu´s experience, we can draw a conclusion that sometimes choosing a road seldom chosen by other people could increase the chance of success.

    On one hand, it can be reasonably argued that there will be more chance if we choose a different way to work or live. If we just do as what others do, then there will not be much wealth or resources left for us to take use of. In this case, the chance to success won´t be too much. On the other hand, however, there will be risks existing the same time. The reason why seldom people choose the way may be that it is not a correct way to success, and the people who choose it may face the risk of failure.

    I strongly believe that we can do as what XiaoLiu does but need to estimate the risk first. In the process of my growth, I have a lot of successful experience. In my opinion, there are many factors needed for success. The first one that comes to my mind readily is that knowledge and skills . They are the basic factors and one can´t get success without them. What´s more, effort and spirit of persisting are important key factors to success. No success can come easily and there are many examples that people give up in the half way. We need put all effort and stick to it then we could achieve the goal.





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