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    Henry Ford, the famous U.S. inventor and car manufacturer, once said, “The business of America is business.” By this he meant that the U.S. way of life is based on the values of the business world.

    Few would argue with Ford´s statement. A brief glimpse at a daily newspaper vividly shows how much people in the United States think about business. For example, nearly every newspaper has a business section, in which the deals and projects, finances and management, stock prices and labor problems of corporations are reported daily. In addition, business news can appear in every other section. Most national news has an important financial aspect to it. Welfare, foreign aid, the federal budget, and the policies of the Federal Reserve Bank are all heavily affected by business. Moreover, business news appears in some of the unlikeliest places. The world of arts and entertainment is often referred to as “the entertainment industry” or “show business.”

    The positive side of Henry Ford´s statement can be seen in the prosperity that business has brought to U.S. life. One of the most important reasons so many people from all over the world come to live in the United States is the dream of a better job. Jobs are produced in abundance (大量地) because the U.S. economic system is driven by competition. People believe that this system creates more wealth, more jobs, and a materially better way of life.

    The negative side of Henry Ford´s statement, however, can be seen when the word business is taken to mean big business. And the term big business — referring to the biggest companies, is seen in opposition to labor. Throughout U.S. history working people have had to fight hard for higher wages, better working conditions, and the fight to form unions. Today, many of the old labor disputes are over, but there is still some employee anxiety. Downsizing –– the laying off of thousands of workers to keep expenses low and profits high –– creates feelings of insecurity for many.

    1. The United States is a typical country

    A. which encourages free trade at home and abroad

    B. where people´s chief concern is how to make money

    C. where all businesses are managed scientifically

    D. which normally works according to the federal budget

    2. The influence of business in the U.S. is evidenced by the fact that

    A. most newspapers are run by big businesses

    B. even public organizations concentrate on working for profits

    C. Americans of all professions know how to do business

    D. even arts and entertainment are regarded as business

    3. According to the passage, immigrants choose to settle in the U.S., dreaming that

    A. they can start profitable businesses there

    B. they can be more competitive in business

    C. they will make a fortune overnight there

    D. they will find better chances of employment

    4. Henry Ford´s statement can be taken negatively because

    A. working people are discouraged to fight for their rights

    B. there are many industries controlled by a few big capitalists

    C. there is a conflicting relationship between big corporations and labor

    D. public services are not run by the federal government

    5. A company´s efforts to keep expenses low and profits high may result in

    A. reduction in the number of employees

    B. improvement of working conditions

    C. fewer disputes between labor and management

    D. a rise in workers´ wages

    【答 案】:

    1.B 2.A 3.C 4.A 5.A







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